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Monday, August 11, 2014

Disrespecting an icon? You decide: Flickr photo of the day


The 356 is one of the most important vehicles in Porsche's storied history, mainly because it was the German automaker's first ever production car, and therefore the machine that set the precedent for everything we know and love today.
 The 930 Turbo? Wouldn't be anything without the 356. The 956B that holds the record around the Nurburgring in the hands of Stefan Bellof? Doesn't exist without the 356. 918 Spyder? And the list goes on and on.

This 356 -- pictured by Sigimphoto -- and its manipulated wider fenders, shiny rims and lowered stance pains me.
 I believe a car like this should be untouched, and any modification to make it fit within an alternate crowd is just plain wrong -- despite these being relatively minor mods. What do you think? Is the 356 better on steroids, or was it perfect in its original form?