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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Young Mark Hamill In “Corvette Summer”: What Did We Just Watch?


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Mark Hamill 2
Star Wars, this is not. Frankly, we don’t know what this is, or why we watched it, or really anything else anymore. Our worldview has cracked, but honestly, it hasn’t necessarily cracked in a bad way. It’s just that our eyes now only see all the hair, glitter, and absurdity of the late 1970s that could have led to this film.

Corvette Summer proves that you can take massive stars like Mark Hamill and Annie Potts, and drop them into the strange Smokey and the Bandit-inspired films. We wish there was a sequel.

After Star Wars made Mark Hamill a mega star in the industry, every studio in Hollywood wanted him to be the lead of their next project. That just so happened to be Corvette Summer.

The plot, as much as we can understand it, details the life and times of Mark Hamill’s character after discovering his prized custom Corvette was stolen and his trip to find it and love begins. Annie Potts, which you may know as the voice of Bo Peep from Toy Story, is the freethinking and extremely amorous love interest that Hamill discovers he needs through the film.

When the movie debuted, it wasn’t exactly a hit, but it was eventually profitable, generating $15,500,000 after costing an astronomical $9,000,000 to produce. Part of that cost went into the design and building of the cars involved in the picture. Dick Korkes of Korky’s Kustom Studios built the hero car, Hamill’s Corvette, for MGM. Korkes built a total of two cars for the movie, a hero car, and a backup car in case things went all Dukes of Hazzard.

Thankfully, both Hamill and Potts bounced back from this train wreck of awesome mediocrity, with Hamill set to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker when Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this weekend. However, that doesn’t exactly answer any of the questions we have regarding this movie, which will likely never go answered, as the people that originally wrote it are probably still high on…something.


Car-Buying Service Vroom Buys Texas Direct Auto: What You Need to Know


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Tech startup Vroom has raised $95 million and is using some of that equity to purchase a competitor, Texas Direct Auto. This is potentially a big move for the car buying world, maybe not today, but for how used cars are bought and sold in the years to come. Here’s what you need to know about these two companies.
What is Vroom?

Where most used/classified car sales companies create marketplaces to buy and sell cars, Vroom handles the entire thing. The company takes possession of the used car, reconditions it, and then brings it to the buyer’s door in tip-top condition. There are also in-person showrooms.

What is Texas Direct Auto?
Texas Direct Auto is an online car sales company with a backbone built on tech and coding. When you sell a car to them, the vehicle is test driven, detailed, and then information on the vehicle is entered into a database before it is photographed in a studio. That last step makes the car more appealing for buyers in the many avenues through which TDA sells cars, including eBay autos.


Why did Vroom purchase TDA?

According to Forbes, Vroom’s success is based on speed. Their goal is to ship cars to customers within 48 hours, sent off with a seven-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day bumper-to-bumper warranty. But the process of reconditioning a car is a challenge. Texas Direct Auto is a smart buy because it has technology that can possibility speed up the complicated process of getting a car ready for sale. TDA has developed a workflow that allows you to efficiently route cars and get prepped for sale. It’s software could shave 2-3 days off the process, which of course means money can change hands faster, which is good for everyone.

Poised for Growth

NY-based, plans to speed up the turnover time by hiring staff and opening new facilities Facilities now in Dallas and Houston. Vroom also plans on opening a 500,000 sq. ft. facility in Indianapolis in early 2016. Once combined, there will be 500 employees so ensure a quick turnaround. They estimate 100 cars a day are reconditioned between the two companies
Funds leftover from latest round of fundraising (and after TDA acquisition) will go to accelerate growth and expedite delivery. That includes buying more trucks to ship cars.


Bigger Fish Eaten by Smaller Fish?

Vroom hopes to crack $300 million in sales this year. Meanwhile, Texas Auto Direct did $500 million in sales last year, so how is it the smaller company was able to acquire the larger company?

Vroom has some big backers, The company has raised $168 million in venture funding since its founding in 2013. In the initial round of investing, which raised $19 million in equity, backers included former Autonation and Blockbuster CEO Steve Berrard, as well as former NFL quarterback John Elway.

This move helps Vroom take on rivals, such as Beepi, Carvana, and Shift Technologies. All of these companies have their own take on concierge car buying service. It is clear the industry is betting big that this is how we will buy and sell cars in the years to come.


Now You Can Buy A Vintage Shelby Mustang With A Twin-Turbo V6


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Let’s face it. Back in the muscle car heyday, big engines were the business. Few would look down their nose at Chrysler’s gargantuan 427ci Hemi, and the same can be said about the seven-liter brutes that lived beneath the Shelby GT500. There’s surely no replacement for displacement, but this modern Shelby remake may have you questioning those values. 

Admittedly, it’s just a render, but this crisp pony car brings news that twin-turbochargers are coming to the Shelby continuation model line. And that’s a good thing.

Oklahoma’s Classic Restorations, which has licensed production of Shelby GT continuation models, has announced it will offer Ford’s punchy 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 in 1966 GT350CR and ’67 GT500CR models, to complement its array of Coyote and Windsor engines.

As standard, the V6 leaves the Ford assembly plant with 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, and likewise finds a home beneath modern Ford F-150s and Expeditions. Classic Restorations on the other hand say they can add larger turbochargers and retune the engines to reliably produce 600 horsepower in their go-fast Shelby Mustangs. “Enough” for most tastes.


The combination of good power, flat torque curve, light weight, and heightened fuel efficiency were all noted to be reasons for offering the turbo sixes in the lineup. And they won’t be the only EcoBoost mills getting shoehorned into continuation Shelbys.
Due to stringent regulations and taxes on higher displacement engines, the firm will equip its Chinese market cars with 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engines, which normally call the Ford Focus ST home. An ECU tune among other fettling raises power to an even 300 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of twist.

That said, not everyone likes the taste of “turbo,” but with outputs like these in classic Shelby Mustang bodies…it’s hard to make the “displacement” argument.


16 Sports Cars and Supercars To Look Forward to in 2016


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Have you been putting money in your piggy bank this year? If so, we’ve got some good news for you. Come 2016, a barrage of six-figure (and even seven-figure) supercars are set to hit the marketplace. From Acura to W Motors, these are the 16 sexiest supercars and sports cars hitting the scene next year.
Acura NSX $167,800


Finally—finally Acura has brought out the NSX supercar in all its production glory. It took them long enough. While reviews of Japan’s latest supercar are still coming in, buyers will have a new hybrid two-door to look forward to buying next year.
Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 (est.) $250,000


Bentley recently announced that its new EXP 10 Speed 6 will sit atop a Porsche platform—and that’s good news. With Bentley never actually having built a production sports car, it brings some merit to a car that we don’t doubt will already be jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Bugatti Chiron (est.) $2,500,000


Faster, more powerful, better looking—the Bugatti Chiron ticks all the right boxes for any multi-millionaire enthusiast. But will it be as good as everyone is expecting? We’ll know soon enough. (pictured: Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo)

Cadillac Supercar (est.) $200,000

Cadillac Supercar 2

We’re pulling at strings at the idea of a Cadillac supercar, granted. But even Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen said in an interview there is definitely a possibility of it happening, and why shouldn’t it? Cadillac has its best lineup in years, a supercar would just be the cherry on top. (pictured: Cadillac CT-1 Concept)

Force1 $300,000


Fisker’s back, again. After the unsuccessful run that was Fisker Autmotive, the heralded car designer has a new project in the works—a $300,000 American supercar. It’s making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show just next month. Color us interested.

Ford GT (est.) $400,000

Ford GT Supercar 2

Just the other day we saw an image of what looks to be the Ford GT in production guise. Mirrors and new side bits suggest that it’s just about ready to go into production in 2016. Let’s just hope the early $400,000 estimate was a bit off.

Jaguar F-Type SVR (est.) $150,000


First came the F-Type convertible, then the coupe, then the all-wheel-drive coupe. Piggybacking the success of the F-Type range as a whole, engineers are going balls to the wall with an all-wheel-drive, 600-horsepower version called the SVR.

Lamborghini Centenario(est.) $1,000,000


100 years came and went for Lamborghini. In honor of that very special anniversary, Lamborghini is bringing a very special model to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It’s going to be based on the Aventador, and we shouldn’t expect a price tag anywhere south of $1 million. (pictured: Lamborghini Egoista Concept)

Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera

(est.) $265,000


You can’t have one without the other; like the outdated Gallardo, Lamborghini is planning an even faster, better handling version of its V10 Huracan supercar. Expect to see the Superleggera name plastered all over the place in 2016.

McLaren 570S $184,900


The McLaren 570S is pretty much already out and about, all over the web and in the hands of a few grubby journalists. Next year, we’ll see even more of the baby McLaren when it hits dealers.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series (est.) $280,000


Mercedes is staying mostly silent about the possibility of an even more hardcore AMG GT Black Series. We have reason to believe that car will show up sometime next year, at least in concept form.

Noble M600 Speedster(est.) $345,000

2011 Noble M600

It’s been a long time coming for the topless Noble M600—initial renderings date all the way back to 2014, in fact. Rumors, though, are pointing to a production version come 2016, 540 horsepower and all.

Rezvani Beast X $325,000

Rezvani Beast X 4
The Rezvani Beast is about as boutique as boutique comes. But for 2016, things are about to get even more exclusive. A 700-horsepower Beast X is set to join the lineup, with only 5 ever being produced. Ever. Rumor has it there’s even a coupe in the works.
Tesla Roadster(est.) $125,000

George Clooney Tesla 3

The car that started it all for Tesla will gain new life. Reports suggest we’ll see a new and even more powerful electric Roadster sometime in the next two years. Hopefully sooner than later.

Trion Nemesis $2,000,000

Trion Nemesis

2,000 horsepower is plenty of car—so is a $2 million price tag. The concept initially showed up in 2014, but owners hope that it will be running and driving (extremely quickly) by next year.

W Motors Lykan Fenyr Supersport $3,400,000


Remember the car in Furious 7 that jumped from building to building? Yeah, well now it has a more mature, more powerful brother in the Fenyr Supersport. 900 horsepower should be plenty enough to propel you from skyscraper to skyscraper.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Man Crashes a Dodge Challenger Through a Building Attempting to Time Travel


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The thought of a time-traveling car might be the stuff of legend, or at least 1985’s Back to the Future. But for two Florida business owners, it’s no tall tale.
On December 20th, a driver in Pensacola careened a Dodge Challenger muscle car into two local businesses—Advanced Tax Services and Pensacola Caskets—breaking through walls and eventually coming to a stop beyond the double doors of the building’s rear entrance.

The reason? According to police, the driver said he was attempting to “time travel.” Thankfully the driver was said to have been uninjured in the accident, and the businesses were unoccupied at the time. However, due to the severity of the impact, both offices have now been closed.


In an interview with ABC 3 WEAR, general manager Emanuel Mores said the offices “looked like a bomb went off,” with debris, computers, and chairs strewn everywhere from the crash. Mores explained he was initially angry about the incident, but then happy that no one was hurt in the process. The offices were boarded up the following morning.

In talking with the Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola Caskets co-owner Ellison Bennett reiterated Mores’ relief, saying, “if this had happened on a week day and someone had actually been in one of those cubicles, it could have been very tragic.”
Both offices plan to relocate nearby.


Watch a Too-Tall Valet Try to Fit Into a Lamborghini


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Lamborghini Tall Valet

It would seem like a pretty sweet gig to be a valet, if you love cars. There’s the chance you get something boring like a beige Camry, but every now and then you get this instead. It’s a bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador that a guy needs the valet to park so he can go run a few errands.

They carefully secure the roof and the owner looks completely fine with handing over the keys of his fancy automobile to the valet. The valet looks pleased with his task, until he tries to get behind the wheel of the somewhat cramped Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Valet

He struggles with how to take a seat and finally manages to get himself inside, but can’t figure out how to get his head inside, too. There’s some fidgeting and then the attempt seems to be a success. His whole body is at least inside the vehicle despite looking a little like a contortionist trying to fit into a box.

His success is short-lived when he realizes he cannot possibly drive the Lamborghini with his head so bent over that he’s staring at his own crotch. Sadly, our too-tall valet gives up and walks away, presumably to find the shortest valet on duty and hand him the keys.

Remember to Stay Safe and Sober on the Roads This Holiday Season


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The Christmas season is a time for joy. It’s also a time to be safe when driving. More so than any other time of the year in the U.S., drunk driving accidents rise around Christmas and New Year.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that as many as 25,000 traffic injuries during the holiday season will result from drunk or impaired driving.
 On top of those 25,000 injuries, 1,200 alcohol-related deaths will occur at the same time, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). These statistics (below) from the NHTSA should give you an even better idea as to the dangers, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.


Of those fatalities, 52 percent occur on Christmas day. The other 57 percent occur on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Both show a significant increase in comparison to the rest of the year.
The solution? It’s simple, really: don’t drink and drive. Use services like Uber and Lyft, or a standard taxi in order to stay safe and stay off the road this holiday season. Even better yet, make sure you have a designated driver to ensure the safest travel to and fro.

While we want you to make the most out of the holidays, we also want you to be safe at the same time. Happy holidays from all of us here at Bold Ride!

16 Cars Being Discontinued for 2016


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With the arrival of the new year, it also means the departure of vehicles we used to know. Automakers are shedding their old skin, slipping into something more appropriate, and hoping to take the sales crown. These 16 cars just didn’t make the cut.
Dodge Grand Caravan $22,095


The minivan died with the introduction of the crossover. But while Chrysler still holds on to hope that the Town & Country can keep up its success, Dodge isn’t betting on the rebranded minivan any longer.
Dodge Durango $30,495


Dodge hasn’t come out and confirmed the demise of the Durango SUV yet, but like the Caravan, it’s just lost in a segment that’s much more refined and efficient than the old-school American SUV.

Honda Civic Hybrid $27,435


It’s no surprise that Honda is killing off the previous-gen Civic Hybrid. A new Civic hit the scene this year, and with that, we’ll likely see a new hybrid version sometime in the near future.

Honda Crosstour $27,530


You either love the Honda Crosstour, or despise it with the rage of a thousand suns. Honda felt more the latter, and decided to kill off the quirky wagon-UV for 2016.

Jaguar XK $84,500


It was the first hint at revival for the formerly failing British marque. When it was introduced in 2006 with sportier implications, it was a success from the minute it left the dealership. Now, it’s stuck in no man’s land somewhere between the F-Type and XF. Time to go.

Jeep Compass $19,595

Jeep Compass 2012

We don’t have much positive to say about the Jeep Compass—which is good, because Jeep doesn’t either. It’s being killed off in 2016 for good reason.

Land Rover LR2 $36,600


Among the celebrity status of the Range Rover Sport, and the ruggedness of the standard Land Rover, the LR2 fails to impress for a small segment of buyers. Not to mention the new Discovery is light years more improved.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class $48,300


Mercedes-Benz is in the process of completely revising its lineup. With that revision, the M-Class will have to go.

Mini Coupe $22,000

MINI Coupe, 2012

We’re as surprised as you are that the Mini Coupe lasted as long as it did. With dismal sales year after year, the four-year old Coupe is finally going the way of the dodo.

Mini Roadster $26,100


With the Coupe meeting its maker, it’s no shock that the Roadster will follow suit. Both were questionable, to say the least, and disappointing in sales.

Nissan Xterra $23,660


It’s been a long and relatively successful run for the Nissan Xterra, but all good things must come to an end. Nissan’s push upmarket makes the Xterra pretty much useless.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution $34,495


The sad reality is that Mitsubishi can’t find a way to make the American market work. With the death of the Evo in 2016, we can’t imagine that Mitsubishi, as a whole, will be far behind it.

Scion iQ $15,665


Is it any surprise that the Scion iQ was an absolute disaster? Ridiculous styling, a horrid interior, and driving dynamics more akin to a shopping cart. Good riddance.

Scion xB $17,120


While Scion is preparing to hit the scene with the new C-HR CUV, that means that the boxy xB has to go. While the first generation was a fun and functional thing to behold, it somehow lost its personality along the way.

Toyota Venza $29,065


It’s kind of surprising that Toyota is killing off one of its best-looking crossovers in recent history. But with the success of the Rav4, and the continued success of the Highlander, there’s just not much reason to keep it around.

Volkswagen Eos $31,995


The Volkswagen Eos is dead, not that that should be much of a surprise to anyone. Maybe if we’re lucky, Volkswagen will bring the hotted-up GTI convertible stateside.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This Dodge Challenger Has a Unique Link to Dale Earnhardt Sr.


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Chrysler and Dodge have a long and often odd history in the racing realm. Throughout the years, the company has gone from winning championships to pulling out of motorsports altogether on multiple occasions. The latest give-and-take came last year after Dodge and SRT Racing won the now Weathertech Sportscar Championship with the latest generation of Dodge Viper GT3 cars, then promptly left the race series just three days after the team accepted the trophy.

In a similar occurrence, Dodge’s and Chrysler’s predilection for wafting and wavering in motorsport almost quelled a racing great’s entire career. According to Hemmings, in 1972, a young Dale Earnhardt was ready to give up racing for good. He had had enough of the racing world, and was ready to just get up and leave without looking back. That is, until Chrysler tapped the young driver to test a “kit car.”


“As lore has it,” explains the Hemmings article, “Dale Earnhardt was just about ready to hang up his helmet in 1974 and turn his back on racing for good when he got the opportunity to test a factory-built kit car Chrysler was developing. Encouragement from the Chrysler engineer on hand led Earnhardt to reconsider and go on to race professionally.” While the late Earnhardt is now considered one of racing’s great drivers, at the time, he was just a new driver. However, what made this encounter even more memorable was the car Earnhardt tested.
In 1972, Chrysler had once again left the racing world. The company was at the top of its game, and had a huge supply of racing knowledge that it could have tapped and returned triumphant. However, like the Viper’s mentioned earlier, the company just decided to leave. In the interim, the company had decided to develop a short course racecar that customers could buy from the factory. Essentially, Chrysler was developing a Porsche Cayman GT4.R in the 1970s.


Earnhardt was brought in onto the program in 1974, and tested Chrysler’s prototype kit car. Later dubbed “Saturday Night Specials” by Richard Petty’s company Petty Enterprises, the kit cars came either fully assembled, or in pieces for the owner to build themselves and customize. While if you selected to build the car yourself, you had the ability to drop any engine you conceived of into the engine bay, if you bought the car from Chrysler fully-assembled, it featured the company’s “W2 Head” 355ci V8 that made 650 horsepower.

Here’s where it becomes truly interesting. When the Saturday Night Specials were introduced, the only body shapes you could buy were a Dart, a Valiant Scamp, and a Duster. Only 130 cars were sold, 30 full-assembled and 100 kits. However, there was at least one prototype that was built using a Challenger exterior, and to tie in Earnhardt, the original prototype that he tested had a Challenger body. Now a Challenger-bodied Saturday Night Special is coming up for sale and it could be the car that convinced Earnhardt to stay.


The Challenger-bodied Saturday Night Special will be heading to Mecum’s Kissimmee auction this upcoming January. While no one has been able to properly trace this car’s provenance, it’s very likely that this is that same car that helped convince a racing legend to continue to race.

Due to the incomplete provenance, the car’s pre-auction estimate is between $40,000 and $80,000, which, if ever proven accurate, would be an absolute steal.