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Thursday, June 2, 2016

900-HP Challenger Hellcat Widebody Has a Flair for the Dramatic


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For every American enthusiast who lusts after European forbidden fruit, there’s a European counterpart doing the same thing. An Audi RS 6 Avant to us is what a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is to them—well, perhaps it’s not a 1:1 ratio, maybe more like 1:20 seeing as Europe really does have the upper hand when it comes to fantastic vehicles. Nevertheless, when a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is imported to Germany, fantastic things happen.
As the tuning firm has done with so many other performance vehicles, Prior Design chose to add a widebody kit to the Challenger Hellcat, which makes it one of only a handful of similar cats across the entire globe.

 The fender flares are hardly subtle, which on a car like the Challenger is more than ok, considering its already outlandish nature. Even the gold PD3 Forged wheels, for example, look great where on anything else they might seem ridiculous. Even better with the eye-catching red paint scheme.


Additional adds-ons come in the form of aero bits, including a front splitter, rear diffuser, and side sills. It’s pretty, but I cringe thinking about the amount of abuse this setup will surely take. It’s one thing to have a stock splitter beaten to hell by 707 horsepower, it’s another entirely when it’s part of an aftermarket setup.
The rear diffuser is a massive, attention grabbing unit, but based on what you hear in this video, the exhaust seems to have been left alone. Nothing wrong with that, the stock exhaust produces a delightfully nasty sound.

With 50 percent of the Challenger’s personality coming on the exterior, the other 50 percent of what makes up the Hellcat DNA is, of course, under the hood. Prior Design named this package the ‘PD900HC’ for a reason.

 Power gets a bump from 707 to 900; though, if I’m being honest, the last thing the Challenger Hellcat needs is an extra 200 horsepower to play with. But then again, it must be a brute on the Autobahn.

Top that entire package off with a pair of fuzzy dice and some go-fast stickers, and you have yourself an American monster muscle car terrorizing the streets of Europe. Gotta love it.