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Friday, June 10, 2016

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Gets Dirty With a ‘Rustcat’ Wrap


Dodge Challenger Rustcat

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know exactly what the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is capable of. This 707-horsepower beast is an object of lust for any auto enthusiast. But when is the look of a standard Hellcat not enough? One company has taken the standard, gloss finish of the Challenger Hellcat, and given it a new look they’re calling ‘Rustcat.”
The Rustcat is the work of Skepple and 5150 wraps. The two have transformed this Dodge Challenger into a rusted hunk of junk. The wrap covers the entire car, with a brown and black rust-like design that makes it look like it came off the set of the next Mad Max movie.


There’s only the slightest bit of color to accent this design; bright blue brake calipers peak out from under bronzed wheels, and a snarling Hellcat graces the rear quarter panels. It might be rusted, but the Rustcat is a thing of beauty.
This isn’t the first time Skepple has taken a new car and made it look better with a wrap that roughs it up. They’ve done Camaros, Porsches, and everything in between (pictured above). There’s even a modern Dodge Charger with an old-school General Lee wrap that looks like it’s been in a few demolition derbies.

‘Rustcat,’ though, might be the coolest one so far.