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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Forbidden Ford Focus RS Readies for the American Auction Block


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Didn’t get an allocation for the 2016 Ford Focus RS? Instead of waiting a year, or shelling out an extra $10k over MSRP, you could bid on this 2010 Focus RS MKII later this month at Barrett Jackson‘s Northeast event.
Yes, this is a Euro spec Focus RS, but it’s one of the only Mk IIs to be legally imported to our fair shores, so you won’t have to worry about it getting crushed by ‘The Man.’ Of course, it being street legal doesn’t mean that this car won’t attract attention from law enforcement. The eye-searing neon green paint guarantees that it will.

Along with that attention-seeking paint job, this car is packing a 3-inch Miltek complete exhaust kit (which sounds like this), a Garret GTX-3582R turbo, and a host of other powertrain modifications. That means it would turn heads even if it was painted primer grey.

With over 500 horsepower on tap, you can only hope that a responsible adult takes this thing home, not some punk kid with daddy’s money. There’s a certain kind of respect needed for a small car with so much power, and having that kind of respect usually only comes with experience. Sure, the image of a grown man driving around in a three-door vehicular highlighter might be funny to you, but for those in the know, it’s no laughing matter. A bone stock Focus RS is a legitimate performance car, but upgrades like Wiseco forged pistons, H-beam connecting rods, and a Forge wastegate help turn it into a track ready beast.


There’s something so alluring about a car that punches way above its weight class, especially when it comes to Euro hot hatches. There’s no details on how this car was legally imported—not even Barrett Jackson disclosed that info on their website—but however it was done, I’m glad it happened.

Unlike the 2016 Focus RS, this car doesn’t have Drift Mode, which makes sense because it’s *gasp* front-wheel drive. Some all-wheel-drive loving Evo owners might dismiss this car as a boy-racer special when they see it on the street.

 But that’s ok, this Focus RS isn’t about impressing the mob, it’s about putting a big ‘ol stupid grin on the driver’s face every time they get behind the wheel…and crushing the spirit of the person who was dumb enough to shell out for a CLA 45 AMG.