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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Behold the McLaren 675LT Carbon Edition in All Its Glory


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When McLaren debuted the carbon fiber bodied P1 at the Geneva Motor Show this past year, customers went crazy. Being the intelligent chaps that they are, McLaren execs set about taking advantage of their customers frothing over over the car, and the result is the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) Carbon Edition 675LT.
Based on the 675LT Spider, the Carbon Edition LT takes what is already a stout structure, and further refines it by employing the use of carbon fiber panels. The plain jane 675LT Spider has a carbon fiber front bumper, end plate, front under body, side skirts, lower side intakes, rear bodyside lower, rear fenders, rear deck, rear bumper, diffuser, and of course, “Longtail” airbrake.

The Carbon Edition LT retains all of those bits, but changes them to gloss carbon fibre to better display the weave of the material. Further separating the two cars are the additions of a carbon fiber retractable roof, A-pillars, bonnet, rear deck, side blades, complete front and rear wings, and just for the hell of it, the fuel filler cap. Carbon fiber everything.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.44

All these changes add up to a car with around 40 percent more carbon fiber than the standard 675LT Spider, and one that’s visually arresting. The work that the MSO team has done here is truly outstanding. Only 25 Carbon Edition LTs will be made, and as you might have guessed, all 25 of them are pre-sold.

As if this car being the most stunning McLaren to be produced since the P1 isn’t enough, MSO went ahead and made some improvements to the powertrain as well. Power output and torque figures remain the same—666-horsepower, 516 lb-ft of torque—but more than 50 percent of the components have been replaced to ensure drivers are getting the most out of the car.

These changes include more efficient turbos, detail design enhancements to the cylinder heads and exhaust manifolds, new lightweight connecting rods, new camshaft, and a quicker flowing fuel pump and delivery system. Between some tweaks and all that carbon fiber, you’ve now got a great argument for getting a Carbon Edition LT instead of that Prius Prime your spouse is angling for.