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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The 1979 Bianco S Coupe Was Strange in All the Right Ways


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Bianco probably isn’t a name you’re familiar with. Actually, it’s a name most Americans probably aren’t familiar with, considering this unique-looking machine came from Brazil in the late 70s. But when it was getting ready to cross the action block this past March, we took notice.

Now, it’s for sale once again. This time, the seller is listing it on eBay in hopes of snagging a buyer with a palate for the unique—and the knowledge to appreciate how such a strange sports car came to be.


The Bianco S coupe was born at the 1976 Sao Paulo Motor Show. The exterior fiberglass body is long and sleek. Not exactly what most would call beautiful to look at, but definitely original. Mechanically, it uses a Volkswagen running gear and a 1,600cc Volkswagen flat-four tucked away neatly in the back producing—wait for it—65 horsepower.

Though short-lived, Bianco did manage to move some cars. At one point, the company was rumored to be selling at least 180 of these things a month…until it folded in 1979, just three years after the Bianco S was launched in Sao Paulo.

Today, finding a car like this in the U.S. is an extremely rare proposition, let alone in like-new condition. That’s why the $39,500 “Buy It Now” price for this one seems like such a steal.