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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alfa Romeo’s Future Could Lie in This Sultry Sports Coupe


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Whether we like it or not, the sporty little Alfa Romeo 4C won’t be around forever; sad face emoji. Enthusiasm for a car like that is only short-lived, and Alfa Romeo is already looking further down the line with a more mainstream, M4, ATS-V rival based on the Giulia by 2020.
Though the 4C will be dearly missed, it won’t mean the death of Italian performance—by far. Two doors, plenty of oomph, and a design worthy of the badging could be the recipe for the perfect luxury sports coupe; and this is what that final product might look like.


Italian rendering artist Matteo Gentile has his own vision for a two-door Alfa Romeo. Though it doesn’t carry the same name—dubbed the Gran Turismo Leggera—this stunning example of Alfa future is something you shouldn’t be disappointed to see in the lineup.
Its styling is softer than the Giulia, both on the front fascia and throughout the body, and it is a bit smaller. The two-door setup forms seamlessly into a stunning and sophisticated design that keeps a number of the signature Alfa cues in tact. And of course, the iconic Alfa ‘triangolare’ grill remains the centerpiece.


Design aside, power remains a big question for this future coupe. The designer, Matteo Gentile, says “This car is fast, light and powerful, and it must be used for racing.” He suggests a V6, maybe the same 2.9-liter, 505-horsepower unit off the Giulia. With a manual gearbox, of course.

The expertly-done concept was developed as a “personal design exercise” by Gentile. Even though it is just a rendering, the handsome coupe seems like it would be a perfect addition to the growing lineup.