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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mazda 6 Redefines the Term ‘Swag Wagon’ Riding On Vossen Wheels



That’ s right, I just used the words ‘swag’ in a headline, conjuring up my inner 13-year old. But it’s hard not to describe this Mazda 6 wagon a such. The stance, the wheels, the presence, the colors—everything about this car screams ‘swag,’ for lack of a better word.
This lovely, lowered Mazda 6 hails from Japan (making it actually an Atenza), and it’s been lovingly tuned, giving it a more aggressive personality, and some handsome lines. The most noticeable new features being at ground level.


The Mazda is fitted with Vossen’s Flow Formed Series VFS-2 wheels; 20×10” on both the front and rear. Finished in an eye-catching gold, this car was one of the standouts at the Vossen owners meet in Japan this past January. And for good reason.
Though it is wonderfully pretty—even in stock form—sadly, you can’t buy a Mazda 6 wagon in America. It’s a shame, I’m sure there would be some amazing aftermarket specials for a car like that here in the U.S. For now, we have things like this to keep our wagon fetish satisfied.