While exploring the suburbs of Detroit, Frank happened upon this ugly redhead step child of an AMC. What he found is a 1965 AMC Rambler Marlin, an outlandish little car. The car boasted a small, quirky design containing a fastback that looks like it belongs on a larger car thus creating a hunch back.

 Further adding to its quirkiness is an underpowered 232 ci 6 cyl engine equipped with a 2 bbl carb which was tied to a ‘Flash-O-Matic’ transmission on the column.

 Despite being underpowered, the Marlin boasted a few advanced features for 1965, including factory disc brakes and power steering. The interior contained a Vibra-Tone AM Radio, and the car is currently covered in a faded coat of two tone blue and black paint.

In an era where US auto manufacturers were building midsize cars for Super Stock drag racing, Rambler (and later AMC) sought to capture the market by being different. They thought by offering flashy midsize sedans as personal luxury cars with an emphasis on interior comfort and space they would be a threat to the Big 3.

However, the America of the ’60s was a country obsessed with speed and more interested in driving the car that won Sunday’s NHRA race rather than a practical Luxury car. The Marlin was a car overlooked due to being underpowered, and low sales led to it being replaced by more performance oriented AMC AMX and Javelin.

It’s the Marlin’s eccentrics that makes it loveable, though. Sure it’s ugly, but it would have gotten better with age as they look unique compared to any modern car. What was 1960s trash has become a 2010s head turner. Frank has already purchased the Marlin and is in the process of giving it a proper restoration. Do you see any potential for this behemoth of a barge ship?