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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shelby Needs to Offload 14 Prototypes Quick



When an automaker opens its doors and agrees to start selling some of its rarest models, you don’t walk – you run to the door. Such is the case over at Shelby American, which has announced it will be relinquishing 14 concept and prototype cars from its vaults.

Shelby plans to move its main headquarters from Las Vegas Motor Speedway to a new spot just off the Las Vegas strip, and in doing so needs to free-up some room by moving a few prestigious models.

 Easily topping the list for collectors are a pair of 289 Cobras – the last slab-side 50th anniversary car and a development vehicle – priced to sell at $200,000 each.


And as you’d expect, there are quite a few performance Mustangs to go around. Shelby will let go of a widebody 2007 Shelby GT prototype ($175,000), three 2010/2011 Shelby Super Snake prototypes ($125,000-$200,000), a 2011 GTS concept ($99,000), a 2012 GTS widebody prototype ($175,000), and four 2012/2013 GT350 prototypes ($125,000-150,000).


Those looking for something a bit different might find this 2013 Shelby Raptor pickup truck ($125,000) or a 260hp 2013 Focus concept ($50,000) particularly exciting.


All totaled, Shelby has about $2 million to gain from the deal…moving costs of course. We suspect that should be enough cash to get the family into its new Vegas strip homestead.