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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nissan Concept 2020 is a Future GT-R In Disguise [w/Video]


Initially, it’s plain to see that the concept does in fact draw a number of cues from the current GT-R. The front fascia, albeit sharper, has some very familiar lines, and the rear quarter of the car is much more open to the elements, but still very recognizable to the average enthusiast.

Nissan and PlayStation reveal future vision

But what is it, exactly? Like the other Vision GT cars, the Concept 2020 is a virtual supercar available for download on the upcoming Gran Turismo 6, which hits stores in July. But more importantly, it “hints at the future” of the GT-R, and the Nissan brand as a whole.

As extreme as this concept is, we hope that Nissan carries over some of these cues to a production GT-R. Sweet mercy please.