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Monday, June 30, 2014

Someone Stole this Classic Beetle from a 10-year-old




Zenith Blue 1967 Volkswagen Beetle
(Picture of car for reference only, this is not the car in this article.)
Lisa Tucker isn’t old enough to get her driver’s permit, much less her full license, but that didn’t stop her from buying a vintage 1967 Volkswagen Beetle – a car that was tragically stolen from her on Tuesday.

10-year-old Tucker had been in love with the Bug ever since she first laid eyes on it, and after saving up an impressive $2,000 from helping her parents with the family’s scrap yard business, she bought it with plans to give it a restoration.

“I was going to take it to car shows and stuff,” said Tucker. “It’s been my dream car ever since I was like, 28 months old.”

But on Tuesday morning, the Beetle was stolen from the Tucker family’s driveway.

“My husband called me and he asked if the car was here,” said Joy Tucker, Lisa’s mom. “I said ‘Yeah, it’s in the front yard,’ and he said ‘No, its not.’”

The family, from the small town of Pelzer, South Carolina, owns two other classic cars and enjoys restoring them, however their plans for the ‘67 might be on hold for a while.

 Greenville County Sheriffs are investigating the blue Bug’s disappearance. We sincerely hope Lisa gets her Beetle back.
Source: WMBF