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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The RK527 Sounds as Good as it Looks! [w/video]



Remember that RK527 GT500 that we showed you a few weeks back? With those supermodel looks, it’s not exactly an image you’re quick to forget. Well, now you can sear that memory into your skull (and eardrums) with new footage of the car hitting the open road.
RK Motors built the car with the intention of revealing it during the Mustang’s 50th anniversary celebration earlier this year. But revealing the finished product is only half the fun, driving it is a whole other story.
Starting on June 7 and concluding this past weekend, owner Rob Kauffman drove the RK527 in the HOT ROD Magazine Power Tour, which spanned seven states and over 1,500 miles of asphalt. We can only presume he was grinning ear-to-ear the whole way.


The clip delves into some of the car’s custom features too, and provides you a taste of just how much work went into crafting this thing.

Make sure to turn up your speakers to hear this pony’s guttural roar, courtesy of its high-performance 527ci V8 that belches out 800-horsepower.