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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Onlookers Can’t Get Enough of the $4.2 Million F12 TRS [w/Video]


Ferrari, no stranger to producing some of the world’s most dazzling road-going pin-up posters, has decided to ramp up production of custom-built vehicles within its shadowy Special Projects division. Jaguar has recently done the same, and this is a move we can really get behind.
Why? Mainly because Ferrari just produced this – the staggering one-off Ferrari F12 TRS. It costs a reported $4.2 million, which – as you’ve surely noticed – amounts to more than double the sticker price of the Ferrari LaFerrari hyper car.

The latest snapshots show the F12 TRS during its official debut at the Ferrari Cavalcade, a driving event for Ferrari owners currently held in Sicily.

Initial reports suggested that there might be more than just a steep price tag to associate it with its LaFerrari cousin as well, specifically an F1-style hybrid system bolted onto the standard V12.

 Ferrari hasn’t unveiled any official specs as of yet, and may not, considering this is likely a private commission.

What we can tell you though is that the F12 TRS certainly hasn’t lost the F12’s ferocious snarling exhaust amidst receiving a heavily reworked rear-end and chopped roof.