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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ferrari 412 Pickup is Sexy, Yet Sacrilegious [W/Video]


In the world of Ferrari, many things are sacred. One doesn’t simply just go and turn an F40 into a hybrid, or an Enzo into a monster truck. But the boys at Ultimate Wheels — a new motoring show in the UK — just crossed that line, but in the best way possible.

This Ferrari 412 Pickup is the tuning show’s latest creation. To be fair, the 412 isn’t the most sought after of all Ferraris, but we’re sure there’s some faithful out there cringing at the thought. But we think it’s great.


Aside from the bed in the rear, which measures out to three feet, the Ferrari also features a massive speaker underneath. And powering this Frankenstein monster is a Chevy-sourced V8, making it very much more El Camino-esque. It’s amazing that both the bed and the engine someone found their way into an already small car courtesy of some chopping and splicing.
Whether you like it or not, it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. You can watch how the duo did it in the full video below: