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Monday, December 8, 2014

1970 Dodge Charger or Challenger: Which Would You Buy?



Hellcat, who? 1970 bore witness to the zenith of the muscle car era, a time when nearly every make was churning out hotted-up speed machines. Dodge was one such car manufacturer, and the 1970 Charger and Challenger were its greatest sons.

So we’ll pose the question – if you had to pick between either of Dodge’s 1970 muscle machines, which would you rather buy: this gut-busting Dodge Charger or this heavy-fisted Challenger? Be sure to vote and sound off in the comments!


The first Charger came unto this world in 1966, and at that time it was little more than a Dodge Coronet. But by 1968, the second generation had arrived and many will argue that – to this day – it’s the greatest shape the Chrysler Corporation has ever conceived.

Dodge equipped its refreshed Charger with a range of V8 engines, though the one on everybody’s mind is the legendary 426 Hemi V8 found in the Charger R/T.

Up for sale on eBay (see link above), this nicely presented 1970 Charger bears the iconic badges and appearance of the vaunted Charger R/T, however it isn’t actually an R/T … it’s a Charger 500 SE.

 While that might put off some buyers, the visual transformation looks well done and the car is said to sport its original numbers-matching 383ci big block V8 engine, body panels, and TorqueFlight transmission.

A unique original paint code and rear axle gearing make this Charger a strong daily driver or a candidate for an all-original restoration.


The Challenger on the other hand was a bit late to the muscle car game; it debuted in 1970 alongside its third-generation Plymouth Barracuda sibling.
 And like the Barracuda, the Challenger rode atop Chrysler’s new E-Body, which allowed Dodge to throw any and all engines underneath its hood, including the exalted 426 Hemi.

 While the Challenger wouldn’t eclipse the poster boy Mustang in terms of sales, it would set you off down the road in a hurry.

Unlike the aforementioned Charger, this vibrant ’70 Challenger is in fact a true R/T SE car (see link above), though it might need a little TLC.

 According to the seller, the Challenger boasts its original 440 Six Pack V8 (390-horsepower back in the day), four-speed manual, and its original Sublime Green paint code … though an older respray.

The interior, floor, and trunk appear to be in rougher shape, but nothing a light restoration can’t fix.