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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ferrari FXX K Spider Won’t Happen, But Looks Wild


ferrari fxx k spider drawing

In terms of not happening, a drop-top Ferrari FXX K hypercar ranks somewhere between winning the lottery every day for a year and finding true love on Chatroulette. It isn’t likely to happen. Alas, the Internet is full of many rendered things that probably won’t happen in real life, so why not add another?

Penned by Italian turning house E. Milano, this is the FXX K Spider, the convertible counterpart to last week’s double-X reveal from Ferrari. It has miles and miles of headroom, some quite striking lines, and it’s a 1036-horsepower race car for Pete’s sake. Of course we’d all love one.

ferrari laferrari spider photo

Unless someone throws piles of money at Ferrari … piles and piles … this track-only convertible will remain just a render. However, there is an awful lot of talk about a spider variant of its 950-horsepower LaFerrari underling (render seen above), and that rumor does hold some water.

 The LaFerrari-rival Porsche 918 is already a drop top. Somehow slinging a few dozen limited-run LaFerrari spiders for $1.4 million a pop sounds like a venture Ferrari (and FIAT) ought to make.Internet, what do you think? Does the world need a convertible track-weapon like the FXX K Spider?