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Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Might be the Worst Coachbuilt Ferrari Ever



Ferrari Sergio Production photo

If we’re being honest, most of the coachbuilt cars Ferrari creates are pretty heinous. But for some reason, they all just seem to work in their insanity. This, though — the Ferrari Sergio — might be the worst coachbuilt Ferrari I have ever seen.
It’s based off the lovely, beautiful Sergio concept we saw last year, and it’s supposed to pay homage to legendary designer Sergio Pininfarina. If he was still alive to see this monstrosity today, though, it would probably put him in his grave.

Worst Coachbuilt Ferrari photo

Where the original concept was sleek and sexy, the production version is a half-assed attempt to sell people on brand name alone. The front end is severely toned down from the concept, resembling an obscure version of the 458 on which it’s based. The back end gets subtly uglier, and the whole body looks bloated. Not to mention the grey side paneling and the gold wheels which don’t work in the least bit.

It’s only saving grace is a 600-horsepower V8 and a 0-62 mph time of three seconds flat. Even better, Ferrari will only ever produce six examples at $3 million each, all of which are already accounted for. Meaning you’ll probably never see one on the road, thankfully.