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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Low Mileage Porsche 959 Will Set You Back $1.4 Million



Whether you pledge allegiance to Raging Bulls or Prancing Horses, there’s a good chance that at one point in your life the lightspeed Porsche 959 topped your dream garage list, or at least adorned the wall of your bedroom. And it’s easy to see why. At its debut, the 959 was hailed as the fastest road-going production car in the world, and to this day remains an absolute work of art. 

However, considering that these super coupes were never officially imported into the US, getting your hands on one might prove to be tricky…that is unless you’ve got a spare $1.4 million dollars. If you do, head to Copley Motorcars and claim this stunning ’87 Porsche 959.


In addition to being the fastest road car in its day (until the Ferrari F40), it was by far and away the most technologically advanced. At its rear sits Porsche’s techy 2.85-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine, which puts its power to all four wheels and bangs through six cogs in its manual gearbox.

 Denoted as a ‘Komfort’ model, this version sports a glistening silver overcoat and an all-black interior.
Best of all, the 959 shows just over 10,000 miles from new.

Regardless, it has been given a thorough servicing by a 959 specialist, and was previously imported and certified for the US by renowned 959 expert Bruce Canepa. As such, it dons his signature matte black wheels.


It’s the Porsche to own, but at its stratospheric seven-digit price, most of us will have to do with the 959s on our screensavers, wallpapers, and in our racing sims.

Source: Bring a Trailer