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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

All 20 Carbon Fiber McLaren P1s Sell Out Quickly



mclaren p1 carbon fiber photo

You may be thinking, “Wait, aren’t all McLaren P1s made of carbon fiber?” And the answer to your question would be yes, certainly. But McLaren showers the body panels of its P1 hypercars in a light drizzle of paint before leaving its Woking factory, or at least it did.

Now, according to real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin, the British automaker will offer a limited run of 20 McLaren P1s finished only in carbon fiber with a clear coat over top. As one might expect, all 20 of the highly desirable hypercars have been gobbled up.

Pity.In a recent Instagram post, Khoshbin revealed that upon first inquiring about the P1 two years ago, he asked if McLaren could outfit his car with the edgy clear-coat carbon finish. At the time, McLaren declined that option, but noted it could be possible in the future.

 A few weeks ago, McLaren rang him up and announced that 20 full carbon body packages would be available worldwide, and that he would be one of the lucky few to receive one.
“I will finally get mine redone in carbon and still get to keep my MSO painted body panels, which I have a separate project for,” wrote Khoshbin.

Next to Khoshbin’s McLaren, seven other of the carbon cars will be bound for the US, while the rest ship to other world markets – price unknown, but surely not cheap.