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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ram Hellcat Concept Looks Wonderfully Insane




Ram Hellcat 3
Probably, maybe, eventually a Ram Hellcat pickup might happen. At least that’s what Ram CEO Bob Hegbloom had to say back in October when all the Hellcat hype was still fresh. But what would a Hellcat-powered Ram actually look like?

Thanks to our friends at TopSpeed, we can get an idea of what a possible Hellcat pickup might look like. And it looks pretty enticing.

Ram Hellcat

The front end gets more aggressive, the hood larger and the wheels golder. The whole concept just looks mean from top to bottom. And of course, sitting under the hood is a 707-horsepower monstrosity of an engine waiting to eat every other truck for breakfast.

Who knows, a Ram Hellcat might just be the spiritual SRT-10 successor fans have been waiting for. Let’s just hope this idea turns into a reality.