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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Top Gear Fan Built this Incredible McLaren F1 Replica


mclaren f1 replica photo

Meet Jacek Mazur. Like many automotive enthusiasts around the world, Mazur has a soft spot for the ‘90s McLaren F1 supercar. But with only a scant 107 having been built, and prices soaring well into the millions of dollars, buying said McLaren isn’t all that easy. 

 But the 48-year-old Polish mechanic wasn’t to be dismayed, so he actually built one himself … and apparently on the cheap! The project took him eight years, lots of spare parts, and a grand total of £20,000 ($31,000), but now he’s the proud owner of a startlingly accurate F1 replica, and he wouldn’t even trade it for the real thing.


Mazur spent countless hours analyzing photographs before sculpting the McLaren’s iconic body and custom fabricating the car’s entire tubular space frame chassis. At the back, he sourced a BMW V12 engine, and further forward there’s even a small fourth seat, which he attributes to none other than Top Gear’s Richard Hammond.

He isn’t exactly a newcomer to the world of replica sports cars though. Mazur has spent the last two decades constructing various Lamborghini and Porsche replicas. But we’d say his white F1 looks every bit like his crowning achievement, and it brings new meaning to the tuner slogan, “built, not bought.”