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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Watch as We Take on the 2014 Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise


    Targa Trophy Ferrari

    Back in August, we made our way out to So Cal to take part in a pretty special event. This was the 3rd annual Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise & Food Drive special event, in support of the Southern California Salvation Army.

     Since Targa Trophy is a native Southern California brand, the rally chose two of its biggest markets – Orange County and Los Angeles (Newport Beach to Malibu) as the host destinations for the holiday road rally.

    The way that the event works is similar to a timed scavenger hunt. Jason, the event organizer, chooses a route and drives it a few days prior. What we had to do, then, was stop off at seven different checkpoints along the way to complete the hunt. The checkpoints were like this:

    Targa Trophy Porsche

    1. Take a photo of the coast on Superior Road in Newport Beach

     2. Stop at Pavilions off of PCH, purchase 4 canned goods for donation and take a photo of them

     3. Take a photo of the San Pedro Bridge in Palos Verdes
    4. Stop at the Palos Verdes Pavilions, purchase 4 more and take a photo of them

     5. Take a photo of the Malibu Pier

     6. Get a snack at the Malibu Kitchen Market, take a team selfie with the snack

     7. Stop at Ralph’s Market in Malibu, purchase 4 more canned goods, take a photo of them

    Obviously, there were speed limits. But we were dealing with participants running high performance vehicles, so of course, the event organizer was sure to account for that by putting the gas down occasionally.

     The winner of the event was the person who got the fastest time and completed all the tasks, which, in this case was 4 hours 17 minutes (the route was close to 130 miles long and went through traffic at some points).

    My friend, Charlie Davis Photography, and I had an awesome time participating in this event, and we came in 3rd place overall by posting a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes. Not bad. We picked up a few prizes for the third place finish, but needless to say, we were pretty pleased with results of the first Targa Trophy as part of Team Bold Ride!