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Monday, December 1, 2014

This is One Seriously Sinister Lamborghini Racecar


Reiter Engineering Lamborghini photo

Lamborghini and Reiter Engineering have been racing together in the GT3 series since 2000. In that time, the team has created some seriously sinister looking race cars. Add this new one to the list.
It’s called the Extenso and it’s based on the outgoing Gallardo. Unlike the Gallardo FL2 GT3 it is replacing, the new one is lighter, wider and (undoubtedly) faster.

Extenso Lamborghini photo

The car gets a serious facelift from front to back. The aluminum side panels have been replaced with carbon fiber, the rear axle width is increased, and downforce is at an all time high thanks to a massive rear wing and front and rear splitters.

The drivetrain also gets a racing reboot with new camshafts and Mahie pistons that reduce fuel consumption and increase reliability. Inside and out this thing just oozes race car.

Reiter Extenso Lamborghini photo

Interested semi-pro racers can cop the new Gallardo Extenso for a whopping €248,000 ($310,000).