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Sunday, July 27, 2014

$1.6 Million in Luxury Cars Wrecked in China


A car crash can be an expensive thing, an inconvenient thing and even a deadly thing. Thankfully, the wreck shown here from was only two of those. In this case no one was seriously hurt, but when a truck carrying eleven luxury cars turned over after running into the back of a Mazda sedan in Xiamen, China, it racked up $1.6 million in damages and completely obliterated the back of the Mazda. One poor passenger’s face has probably seen better days, but he’s still standing and appears to be just fine.

Porsche Crash
You would think that when there’s a shipment of eleven high-end automobiles including Porsches, BMWs and Land Rovers, that the hauler hired to deliver them would at least look halfway roadworthy, but even from the far off photos this rig looks like something from a post-apocalyptic horror film.
 Why anyone would let such a shabby-looking thing transport their brand new cars is a mystery, but thank goodness no one was killed, and at least nothing super exotic was wrecked. We can only hope that those cars haven’t been sold yet.

Porsche Crash