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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cars Departing for 2015: Some We’ll Miss, Some We Won’t



With every new model year comes a new an arsenal of vehicles that we swoon over. Even cars that will eventually be regarded as boring garner a lot of attention, just because they are new on the scene. But what is forgotten are the cars that have to make way for these new models. Who will remember the outgoing models? We will.

The Car Connection was kind enough to put together a great breakdown of cars that will not be with us in 2015. They call it “The Death List,” and we’ll examine the cars from this list that we will miss most. Let us know in the comments which cars you’re going to miss.
BMW 1 Series: Miss

This loveable little coupe and convertible gave us one of the greatest BMWs of all time: the 1 Series M. Hopefully BMW is wise enough to bring that approach to the 2 Series that replaces it. Or maybe they will just go back to pumping in engine sounds like on other M models. Vroom vroom!
Chrysler 200 Convertible: Miss…?

Wait, they were still building you??? We appreciate the Sebri–er…200 Convertible because elderly folks loved them, thus keeping them from buying more exciting cars. And frankly, while they do not handle very well, the “S” editions that were offered in the final years were pretty attractive little cars.
CTS-V Wagon: Definitely Miss
CTS V Wagon
The new CTS coupe is likely to get a V version, and a coupe is sure to follow. But the V-Wagon was such a once-in-a-generation car, that we don’t expect GM, reeling and watching the bottom line after the recalls of 2014, will go for a V-Wagon again. For shame.
Lamborghini Gallardo: Miss

It was the hot-selling “entry level” car that turned Lamborghini into a success. The car changed the brand forever. It will be replaced with the Huracan, which has our undivided attention.
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class: Miss

I was lucky enough to drive a CL550 a few years ago. It was one of the most lavish and breathtaking cars on the market. Few cars can command so much attention in gray. It will be replaced with the S-Class Coupe, which will be fighting with the Huracan for our interest in the years to come.
Nissan Cube/Nissan CrossCabriolet: Miss

We did this as a double, not because the vehicles are similar, but what they represent. Honda and Toyota should take note on how to run a car company that is not afraid to take risks. Did we like the Cube? Not really. But it was a fun risk, and the CrossCabriolet is a much cooler vehicle than people give it credit for.
Toyota FJ Cruiser: Miss
FJ Cruiser

Toyota’s car division may not have had the stones to build anything fun, but the trucks always stayed true to their roots. The Toyota FJ was Japan’s closest rival to the iconic Wrangler, and it featured cues that would make Toyota off-road purists proud.
Just Taking a Year (or two) Off:
Infiniti G37: So it’s not being replaced with the Q50, but is coming back as the Q40 after a year hiatus. Confused? So are we.
Lexus IS C and IS F: Lexus is replacing the IS with the RC, but there could be room in the lineup for these variants to carry on.
Mazda 2: A replacement is hitting Japan in 2016, and you can expect a North American version of the subcompact to follow.
Volvo XC90: Volvo has been teasing the replacement model,
which will come as a 2016 model. But Volvo thought it was not worth keeping the current XC90 around for another year. 
Also Departing, but We’re Indifferent About It:
Acura TL
Acura TSX
Chevrolet Malibu Eco
Chevrolet Impala Eco
Honda Fit EV
Scion xD
Toyota RAV4 EV
VW Routan