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Monday, July 7, 2014

Ford Needs a New GT Supercar, And Here’s Why


It’s been nearly 10 years since Ford has graced us with the perfection that was the GT supercar. It was a homage to the GT40 racer, with a 550-horsepower V8, iconic looks, and a $140,000 price tag. It was the car that Ford enthusiasts— and quite frankly everyone dreamt of.

But when will Ford give us a new GT? It seems like lately Ford has been the recipient of loads of success, especially in the “sporty” segment. So far though, we haven’t heard much as to what a new Ford GT would encompass, if it’s even in the playbook at all. But Ford should build one, and here’s why.

ford-gt-1306235847-644 (1)

In the high-performance, American sportscar world, the Corvette reigns supreme. Nothing in the Ford lineup even comes close. But with a new GT, and somewhere in the market of 650 horsepower, Ford can easily compete with — or even overtake— the success of the Corvette and the new Z06. Now is the perfect time to take on the ‘Vette.

What Ford needs to do though, is keep the iconic look of the GT in tact, albeit with a modern update, give it enough performance to compete, and somehow undercut what Chevy is selling the new Z06 for. It’s a perfect formula.


This needs to happen. Right now.