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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jaguar Will Debut XE Small Sedan in Less than Two Months


    Jaguar has confirmed that it will unveil its highly anticipated XE sports sedan at an event in London on September 8th.

     Normally we’d mark that on the calendar and continue on, except the announcement coincides with Jaguar’s latest info dump on the XE, of which a few more are expected in the coming weeks.

    The Jaguar XE spearheads a different tangent for the brand, taking the fight to the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class. Based on its advanced underpinnings, it very well could eclipse both of them.


    The XE features a double wishbone front suspension not all that far removed from the F-Type, consisting of predominantly all-aluminum parts and tuned to deliver ‘Jaguar XFR-levels of stiffness.’

     At the rear, the Jaguar XE fits a unique integral link suspension, capable of delivering quicker handling and better control over conventional multi-link designs. Refined, yet luxurious.

    With your hands on the wheel, Jag’s latest sports sedan should feel like a true driver’s car.

     The XE becomes the first Jaguar to come fitted with the latest electric power steering, packing-in a lot of math and scratching of the head to deliver a responsive steering feel. The system also eases low-speed maneuverability and will play host to new driver aid features.

    But the largest driver aid will undoubtedly be Jaguar’s All Surface Progress Control – basically launch control – developed with input from Land Rover.

    The program works like a low-speed cruise control to minimize wheel slip on wet surfaces, but we don’t suggest following your Land Rover buddies into the wilderness in the new baby Jag.

    The Jaguar XE will go on sale in 2015 in Europe, but all of us stateside will have to wait until 2016 to get our mitts on one.