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Monday, July 28, 2014

New Bugatti Model Coming in 2016: “Not a Veyron Replacement”


Bugatti is a car company that makes the fastest production car on the planet. Be it the base model or the successor SuperSport (below), the Veyron has been the (certified) world’s fastest car since 2005. But Bugatti really only makes one model, and based on the number of years it held the record, you can see that its customers might be yearning for something new.
The problem with that sort of appetite from the jet set is that all sorts of rumors start to swirl regarding new product– many perpetuated by Bugatti, which it eventually had to back off from. There has been talk of baby Veryrons and the stillborn Galibier, but now there appears to finally be some news.


 The blokes at spoke directly with the head of Volkswagen group, who confirmed that a new Bugatti would be coming in 2016. Walter de Silva, who has been with Bugatti since 2007, confirmed that, “[A replacement] is coming.

 I cannot predict exactly, but at the end of 2015 or early 2016, we’ll see the new Bugatti.” As part of the discussion the Bugatti boss also further squashed any rumors of the Galibier (below) making its way to production, claiming that building a four-door car would “confuse our customers.” Ouch.

Bugatti Galibier