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Friday, July 18, 2014

Terrible Gold Chrome Jaguar F-Type Meets Terrible Gold Chrome Land Rover


The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is the quickest, funnest, most amazing car to come out of the UK in a long while. And it’s stunningly beautiful, I mean, almost pornagraphic. So why, for the love of god, would someone cover it in a hideous gold wrap? WHY?

The monstrosity was spotted by sitting along the side of the road next to an equally hideous gold chrome Land Rover. We have no idea who the owner is, nor if he has use of his eyeballs. It looks like it might be some sort of promotional tool though for a Dutch dealership. We guess it works?

Gold Chrome Jaguar

Whatever it is, it’s terrible. And admittedly, this writer usually has a weird fetish for chrome, but this time, I’m going to have to say it, and its Land Rover twin, should be tossed back in the pit from which they crawled out of.