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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Video: “Death Vette” Takes To The Strip, Needs More Traction!

Have you seen Trent Durham’s creation, Death Vette? If you haven’t seen this thing yet, you need to see it in action – it’s a complete monster and definitely stands tall by the claim of being Albuquerque’s baddest ‘Vette.
Image Source: Facebook
What started out in 2009 as a bone-stock, silver, LS1-powered C5 Corvette, has been transformed over the years into Albuquerque’s fastest Corvette. The car employs not the stock LS1, but an LQ9 with forged internals, stock crank, and a stock block, but has many, many more features that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
The engine has a stage three cam and the heads are aluminum 317 casting heads that have been ported and polished. For engine management, Durham went with Holley‘s HP EFI system and a Magnafuel fuel pump that is good for up to 2,500 hp. If you’re wondering about the huge snail sticking out of the hood, that’s a BorgWarner S500 88 mm unit – keep small dogs, cats, birds, and small children away from the inlet!

The transmission is a two-speed power glide unit from East Coast Superchargers and is built to handle all 1,173 hp that is sent through it. Moving to Albuquerque has been a tough transition for Durham, though – he used to live in an area that was at sea level and now he’s just over 5,000 feet above sea level in Albuquerque – a big difference.
What most don’t understand is that a car tuned at sea level will not perform the same in Albuquerque or any other area above sea level – the barometric pressure and air density is significantly different in higher elevation. We can’t wait to see more video of Durham’s “Death Vette” ripping up the strip, but you should also stay tuned, because a full car feature is in the works! Awesome work, Trent!
We’ve also added a video of Durham testing the car – enjoy the huge BorgWarner turbo spooling and instant tire smoke