With the arrival of the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro on the not-too-distant horizon, speculation about the car will only continue to ramp up. We already know that the next Camaro will be built on the same platform as the current Cadillac ATS, giving us some idea of the mechanical specs and overall size.

 But styling for the car is still a closely-guarded secret inside General Motors, and as a result, we’ve seen a few people take a shot at what they’d like the car to look like.

The latest effort shown here is the work of Brian Geiszler, as seen on Camaro5.com. Per Brian, “This project was created in my 7th term Studio at Art Center. During my internship at General Motors, I designed a next generation Camaro interior, so I figured why not make it a complete car once I came back to school.”

While Brian might be more of an insider than some of the other artists behind previous renderings, it’s clear he is working from a clean sheet here and not necessarily incorporating any of the actual production 6th gen’s design cues in his sketches.

 “The intent of the project was to add an extra level of surface sophistication and change up the proportions a bit,” he admits. “That’s where the fastback look came into play, which is a first for Camaro.”

We see a bit of C7 Corvette and 370Z in the profile, and some “evil clown face” in the front aspect. What do you think? Would this be a car you’d want in your driveway?