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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Toyota Supra Could Return In BMW Partnership, We Remain Skeptical



If we went a day without hearing about the return of the Supra, we’d be shocked, frankly. But today is different. You see, there’s an interesting new report that seems to have more concrete evidence surrounding a Supra revival than ever before.

The report comes from Nikkei, and it confirms BMW and Toyota’s partnership on a sportscar platform, which we already knew. But the report goes on to say that the platform will also be the base of a new Z4 for BMW, and a new Supra for Toyota.


Unlike the FR-S/BRZ, the two cars won’t share a design. Rather, Toyota is likely to take cues from the FT-1 Concept we saw earlier in the year, while BMW will probably stay in line with the Z4’s overall styling.
It’s an interesting possibility for sure, but there is one problem we see with this.

toyota-supra-concept (1)

When we spoke to Toyota as to why the FR-S didn’t receive the Supra nameplate— it was a matter of originality. Toyota felt that in its partnership with Subaru, the Supra nameplate was too sacred to tarnish on someone else’s work. That may well be the case here as well with BMW in the mix.

So a successor to the Supra may very well be happening, but the verdict is still out on whether it will carry the same name. Either way, we’ll be looking forward to what this Toyota/BMW partnership does produce.