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Thursday, July 10, 2014

MG Set for a Return to the Roadster Market


If you appreciate the way a car can carve a countryside road more than its straight-line power, then you are likely a fan of the classic and iconic British and Italian roadsters. Unfortunately, the pickings have been slim through the years, and though the torch has been carried by other countries, with Mazda Miata and BMW Z4, we’d like to see some of the old makes back. We just might get our wish.
AutoExpress apparently had exclusive access to someone inside MG that confirms the (originally) British automaker is bringing back a roadster, which will be a spiritual successor to the MG TF (seen below, with its own predecessors in the background). Details were vague, citing a return date of “before the end of the decade.”

00-MG TF

MG has been limping along under ownership of SAIC, a Chinese-state-owned corporation. MG currently has a product portfolio that could be best described as middling, but with a tried and true ragtop roadster under its belt, it could once again conjure up images of MG’s heyday.


 According to the source, the roadster will be built on one of two new vehicle architectures under development. These platforms will be designed to be flexible enough to develop multiple vehicles under it. This is much the way that Volkswagen employs several vehicles under its MQB platform, thus lowering production costs. If that brings us a new MG roadster sooner (and for less) than we’re all for it!