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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Soon You’ll Be Able To Control Your Home From Your Car

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Toyota and Panasonic in-car home monitoring system
Toyota and Panasonic in-car home monitoring system
Soon, you’ll never have to worry whether you’ve left an appliance switched on when heading out for a drive as new technology being developed by Japanese firms Toyota and Panasonic will allow you to control your home from behind the wheel. The two companies are cooperating on a cloud-based system to monitor. and operate home appliances.

 The system is being presented by Toyota at the Smart Community Japan 2014 exhibition in Tokyo this month, prior to it being launched on the Japanese market later this year. A U.S. launch is yet to be announced.

From the car, a person can contact an existing cloud-based Toyota. Smart Center, which then links with Panasonic’s cloud system used to operate a number of the Japanese tech giant’s home appliances, such as televisions, video equipment and air-conditioners.

For example, an application linked to a vehicle's. GPS data can remind the user to turn off the air-conditioning before leaving home, and enable them to turn it on remotely before returning.

 The two firms first started working on the technology a year ago. In the future, they plan to bring their individual strengths to joint development of smarter mobility, using cloud-based services to link people, cars, homes and even communities.