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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A New BMW M4 was Left High and Dry in a Ditch



Sportscars aren’t very good at tackling off-road courses. Case in point – this brand new BMW M4, which apparently took an unplanned detour while driving in France…straight into a ditch.


Perhaps ‘ditch’ isn’t the best word, maybe ‘chasm’ or ‘gully,’ given the sheer size of this hole. For the most part though, things look okay. The doorsills and front bumper will undoubtedly need a good massaging before this BMW hits the open road, and we’re betting there’s a bit of destruction to the front of that engine bay, too.


When not stuck in ditches, the BMW M4 can sprint from 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds and onto a top speed of 156mph – something that we hope this M4 and its missing driver will eventually get to experience. Rather, maybe this whole thing is a result of 0-60 gone wrong?