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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ford Mustang GT350R is Here to Kick Some Camaro Ass [Video]



Heck yeah! Chevy and Ford are about to go to war on the track. And I’m not talking about the drag strip neither. With the Chevy Z/28 throwing down the gauntlet on the Nurburging, it was only a matter of time before Ford put its name into the mix.

Seen here is what many are calling the Mustang GT350R, and it’s a hard-core, race-bred pony car built to take on the Camaro Z/28. It’s covered in camo, but we can still see some new cues like a monster grille, crazy lower front fascia and a bigger rear end. It even sounds beastly.
Rumor has it the 5.0-liter V8 will be tuned to put out over 500 horsepower. That’s right on par with the Z/28’s 505 horsepower. The really interesting part will be when the two hit the track together, which, we know they will.