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Saturday, July 19, 2014

eBay Find : You'll Never See a '67 Camaro Quite Like This One


At what point is a ‘67 Chevrolet Camaro not really a ’67 Chevrolet Camaro anymore? Answer: when it starts to look something like this.

Pick your jaw up off the ground. This is the Ultimate Sixty Seven, a striking one-off design concept built by Ultimate Auto to take on today’s crop of modern muscle cars (and display at SEMA 2013). Luckily for you, Florida-based Ultimate Auto is in the business of selling its cars – this concept included.



You’ll of course notice that the Camaro looks significantly different than the other ‘67s that you’re used to. That’s because this car was treated to a host of exterior resto-mods, including hand fabricated body panels, widened rear fenders, a pair of new bumpers and of course the custom grille.

Going off the seller’s description, the goal was to incorporate “Italian supercar styling with classic American muscle.” We’d say they reached it.

Overhead, the team affixed a carbon fiber roof, which plays a refined balance with the car’s breathtaking ‘Ruthless Red’ body color. Colossal Vellano VKS wheels help complete the look on the outside, but it’s the inside that might turn the most heads.


The Ultimate Sixty Seven dons a modern 2013 Camaro interior, complete with Italian leather, and a 2013 steering wheel, center console, dashboard and front seats. What the team couldn’t port over from the 2013 pony car, they just made themselves. The instrument cluster was retrofitted, and a good thing too.

The upgraded gauges have to keep tabs on a supercharged GM Performance LS9 V8. Power is channeled through a Tremec T-56 manual transmission, and although performance figures aren’t listed on the Ultimate Sixty Seven, one would expect in the region of 600 ponies.
The price for this vintage classic with a modern heart? A ‘Buy It Now’ of $295,000.