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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Walkaround Justin Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk


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Bieber Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk SEMA

Say what you will about Justin Bieber, but his Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk was one of the best-looking cars at this year’s SEMA. The car is the creation of West Coast Customs, which Bieber has long supported. According to AutoEvolution, he attended the grand opening of their Burbank facilities in November 2014 and has previously had them work on an SUV and a Mercedes van.

This time around, it’s Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk. The kit that it’s sporting isn’t new, but it looks no less amazing. It’s especially eye-catching in that brilliant blue paint.

Bieber Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk
There are some good close-ups of the Ferrari so you can see just how much the fenders add to its width. The tires sport West Coast Customs lettering and when they go in for a close-up, you can also see the custom “JB” break calipers. Because when you’re a pop star you put your logo on that kind of stuff.

After the walkaround, they start uo the car so you get a moment to hear that powerful engine rev before they load it onto a tractor trailer. Back to Bieber’s garage it goes.