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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Could Chevrolet’s Latest Trademark Signify an Electric Corvette?


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It’s only a matter of time before electric vehicles rule the road (at least, if it were up to Elon Musk). In the wake of this electric revolution, no vehicle is safe. And if recent patent filings are any indication, that means even the beloved, high-horsepower, V8-having Chevrolet Corvette.
Uncovered by the sleuths over at AutoGuide, the trademark for the names “Corvette E-Ray” and “E-Ray” were filed by Chevrolet on December 16, 2015, just a few days ago. But what does it all mean?


The initial deduction is a hybrid or fully-electric Corvette. For the pursuits out there, that’s nothing short of blasphemy. But with Chevrolet’s continued push for alternative fuel (with the Volt and upcoming Bolt SUV), it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility.
But before you go out and buy your pitchforks, there are a few things to note.


The first being the general layout of the Corvette. It’s very compact, and the replacement of the V8 with a battery pack, or the addition of one alongside the current engine likely wouldn’t be possible. A more feasible possibility is a completely new, mid-engine layout, using the Corvette as its base.

The other, even more likely possibility is a concept of what we just mentioned above, which may or may not ever be produced, similar to the mid-engine Corvette concepts of yore. Reports are suggesting we could see it as soon as the 2016 Detroit Auto Show next month. Keep your eyes peeled, boys and girls.