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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Henrik Fisker To Debut New Supercar With One of the “Highest Output Engines”


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Henrik Fisker has a knack for design. The former Aston Martin designer-turned-entrepreneur has yet another project slated for the pipeline. He’s calling it Force 1, and it’s going to make its world debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in January.
Here’s what we know: according to Motor Trend, it’s going to cost around $300,000. That’s not cheap for a supercar by any stretch of the imagination. For comparison’s sake, it’s somewhere between Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Aventador money. But the performance could warrant the price.

Fisker says that the Force 1 will be powered by one of “the world’s highest output natural aspirated engine in a road car.” The engine will sit in the front, power will be sent to the rear, and design will likely be beautiful.


From the lone sketch revealed, we can infer that the car will have a long hood and a fastback rear, similar with what he’s used to working with at Aston Martin. The car will also put to use Ultra Thin Ventilated (UTV) laser blade taillights to ensure extra sleekness.

The whole thing will be made from carbon fiber, with 21-inch wheels covered in Pirelli P Zero tires, and interior seating for two. Fisker is not messing around this time.

“I believe there is room in the market for a daily driver that embodies all the attributes of the best track racing car, and the comfort of a luxurious sports car,” he said. “Extreme power, great esthetics and pristine handling make for a superior ride in Force 1, an American super car.”


Production will take place in Michigan beginning in April of 2016, with just 50 examples at $300,000 each expected to be sold. We’ll know more when the car debuts in Detroit this upcoming January.