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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The 10 Most Popular Car Brands on Facebook and How They Compare



The judge of any mainstream corporation or well-loved celebrity is how many fans they have on Facebook. Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo, for example, has over 108 million fans on Facebook, making him the most followed celebrity on social media.
But how do automakers compare in popularity? Our friends at the Auto Insurance Center put together a study of the 10 most popular car brands on Facebook and their demographics over 114 million American Facebook users studied. The results might surprise you.

10. Jeep: 4.7 Million Likes

As popular as Jeep is among enthusiasts here in the U.S., it’s only the tenth-most popular car brand on Facebook. Not to say that they’re slacking in likes.

Over 4.7 million people like the Jeep brand on Facebook, and the brand records the most amount of white fans, and those more politically conservative. Even less shocking, over 94 percent of those likes are by male fans.

9. Jaguar: 6.8 Million Likes


While Jaguar may not have the mainstream enthusiast following that Jeep does, the British marque still pulls in 6.8 million likes on Facebook. The brunt of its Facebook fans lean more towards the liberal side, and show a strong presence in the African-American community with over 20 percent of its followers.

8. Audi: Nine Million Likes


German luxury marque Audi rakes in nine million likes on Facebook, and of those nine million likes, 27 percent of them are single, and 91 percent of them are male.

7. Land Rover: 9.1 Million Likes

Land Rover DC100

Even more popular than Jeep in the off-road enthusiast segment (at least according to this study), Land Rover has over 9.1 million likes on Facebook. And it’s also one of the most diverse of the group.
It’s the second most popular brand for families, the fourth most popular for female followers (10 percent), and the most popular amongst the African-American community (23 percent).

6. Porsche: 10.1 Million Likes


At 10.1 million likes, Porsche rounds out the top six, and doesn’t rank anywhere near the top in terms of diversity. Only four percent of Porsche Facebook followers are women, over 48 percent are white, and over 29 percent are single.

5. Lamborghini: 11.7 Million Likes

Lamborghini Huracan Ice

11.7 million likes makes Lamborghini the fifth most popular brand on Facebook, but not the most popular among families. At 40 percent Lamborghini has more single fans than any other brand studied, is the fourth most popular brand amongst young adults, and signifies the most number of iPhone users.

4. Nissan: 13.5 Million Likes

2016 Nissan Maxima

While Porsche and Lamborghini might be popular with the young, unlikely-to-buy fans, Nissan changes the pace with over 13.5 million Facebook likes and loads of diversity.
Nissan has the most fans that are graduate students, 12 percent of its followers are women, and it’s the fifth most popular brand for both young adults and families.

3. Ferrari: 16.2 Million Likes

2016 Ferrari 488 GTB

At 16.2 million, Ferrari remains one of the most popular brands amongst the single, male community. Over 95 percent of its followers are male, and of those followers more than 31 percent are likely to be single.

2. BMW: 18.9 Million Likes

BMW i8 3

18.9 million followers makes BMW the second most popular brand on Facebook. Sitting at the middle of the pack nearly everywhere else, BMW has a healthy amount of female followers at 12 percent, a respectable amount of African-American followers at 13 percent, and remains in the top five for new teen drivers, and families with no children.
1. Mercedes-Benz: 19.4 Million Likes


With 19.4 million followers to boast, Mercedes-Benz is the most popular automotive brand on Facebook. Of those millions of followers, 23 percent of them are women, 14 percent are African-American, and only 21 percent of them are likely to be single.