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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

SpeedKore’s “Tantrum” is Part Dodge Charger, Part 1,650-HP Supercar


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The world is full of hybrid cars these days—cars that meld the worlds of gas and electricity to produce something thoroughly evolved. To muscle car devotees, those machines are of little relevance, however this “hybrid” is a tad bit different.
That’s because this 1970 Dodge Charger blends its muscle car mantra with racing boat engineering, and in the process swallows a goliath 1,650-horsepower Mercury Marine racing engine. Jaw, meet the floor. This is mod-shop SpeedKore’s “Tantrum,” and it’s just about the wildest motor we’ve seen this year.


Based in Port Washington, Wisconsin, SpeedKore sets its focus on honing the “pro-touring” breed, giving muscle cars the handling and go-fast bits they deserve, and in the process creating a one-of-one unique vehicle. It should come as no surprise, the radical (and likely very expensive) “Tantrum” is indeed a one-off.
Inside and out, Tantrum is a work of art, and its mediums of choice are carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum. Swathes of carbon comprise the custom fenders, hood, bumpers, and seamlessly integrate with the modern-meets-retro interior, while sleek aluminum sets off the Charger nicely at both ends.

 According to Speedhunters, the Dodge’s custom grille was crafted from a 72-inch long block of solid aluminum, while at the back, the rear aluminum panel integrates with the taillights from a 2014 Challenger. Talk about a clean cut job.


Lift up the hood though, and you’ll be face-to-face with a monster. The 9.0-liter, 1,650 horsepower Mercury Racing engine is known as the QC4V (quad-cam, four-valve), which shuttles all that aforementioned grunt (with the help of two 94mm turbochargers) to a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox and a tough Ford nine-inch rear end.

If putting 1,650 horsepower to the ground sounds like a big ask, it is, which is why the car features a thoroughly sorted chassis and a custom four-link rear suspension. From front to back, everything has been stiffened and uprated to handle that colossal punch, including the brakes—14-inch Baer discs—which rival the size of bin lids.

All in all, it’s a staggering one-off build…and if you see “Tantrum” cruising the streets of Port Washington, perhaps this is one Dodge Charger you don’t want to challenge for a fight. SpeedKore opened its doors in 2014, here’s hoping that more builds like this are in the works.