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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Watch These Robotic Dogs Pull a Sleigh and Frighten Everyone in the Process


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Santa Claus is coming to town—and he’s bringing with him slightly terrifying robotic reindeer. At least, that’s what Boston Dynamics imagines when they think of the future of Christmas.
The robotic reindeer—or actually, dogs—were developed by the mad scientists at Boston Dynamics as a follow up to their original BigDog creation. Like their larger, even more terrifying older brother, these smaller “Spot bots,” as they’re called, use the same technology to mimic a dog-sized mammal.

We’ve seen a similar bot with MIT’s “Cheetah,” and joking aside, all of these robots are pretty amazing in their functions. Let’s just hope they don’t gain intelligence and enslave humanity like in the movies. Watch below: