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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Watch These Incredible Drag Strip Bloopers, Crashes, and Saves


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The days leading up to the end of the year can often by marked by procrastination and aimless web searches at the office. Not enough days left in the week to kick off that big project and the office holiday party is just hours away. So allow us to help you kill that time with a highlight reel of drag strip bloopers.
This video comes from NitroArtVideo, via our friends at BangShift, and it is full of absurd, cringe-worthy drag strip crashes and saves. Wheel stands are often a part of drag strip launches (poor word choice?), but having all that power at the rear wheels and the fronts off the ground is a recipe for a mishap. And here are some of the most epic of 2015:

Despite the bent metal and bruised egos, it is incredible that many of these mishaps end in impressive saves to keep most of the car intact. There were some big, unavoidable crashes, but many of the drivers here displayed incredible skill.

When any of these NMRA, Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, Pro Mod, and various other classes take off from the line (with more than 1,000-horsepower in most cases), the odds of a car going out of control is pretty high. It takes a great amount of skill to keep them in a straight line, but perhaps even more so to wrangle a car in when it has lost control.

We’re glad everyone reportedly walked away. It’s a good thing everyone did, because that means we can poke fun at this guy with a clear conscience.....