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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is This the 2017 Ford GT In All Its Production Glory?


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Near around the same time last year, Ford dropped a bombshell with the all-new GT concept at the Detroit Auto Show. It was everything we loved about the original GT40, and the iconic 2005 GT, translated for the modern world with another iconic design and the performance to match.
But after a year’s worth of teasing and touting, we might finally be able to catch a glimpse of what the new Ford GT will look like when it actually goes on sale—and it’s not that different from the concept. According to the Ford GT Forum Facebook Page, this is the production Ford GT we’ve all been waiting for.

All-new Ford GT in Liquid Silver, L-R, 3/4 Rear Shown, February 2015

The similarities from the concept (pictured above) are obvious—but it’s the small changes that make this GT even more desirable than the concept we saw all of this year. The first of which being the gloss black accents both on the side and the front. The second clue being the larger, more production-ready side mirrors. The final touch: a new rear wing that likely improves on downforce from the concept.
All leads point to a production-ready GT, and with Ford’s announcement of Gorilla Glass as standard on each model, it only further proves everyone’s suspicions. Keep your eyes peeled for this production-ready Ford GT at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, or maybe even the Consumer Electronics Show. Both events take place in January.