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Friday, May 20, 2016

1,000HP Lurks Under the Hood of This Mean Corvette Z06


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638 horsepower. That’s how much power the late-great Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 produced before it went the way of the dodo in 2013. 650 horsepower. That’s the supercharged fury that the current Corvette Z06 brings to the table. In both instances, that’s quite a lot, much more than average Corvette owner will ever fully use. But it’s not the end of the road… 

Ring up a tuning company and they can extract however many ponies you’d like from a Corvette, for a price of course. And this impressive machine is one such car.

With 1,000 horsepower living under the hood, this is what happens when Vengeance Racing unleashes upon a Corvette Z06. It looks brutally sinister, goes like stink, and makes a wonderful racket. And if you’ve got enough coin (and bravery), it could be yours.


According to its listing, the Corvette started life as all other Z06 ‘Vettes do, with a potent yet very stock 6.2-liter supercharged V8.

Things soon got interesting once Vengeance got a hold of it. The LT-4 V8 now swaps its heads for Vengeance’s Stage II units, complemented by a new performance camshaft, long tube headers, a less restrictive X-pipe exhaust, methanol injection, and of course, a new supercharger. The stock 1.7-liter unit was canned in favor of a big 2.3-liter blower from Magnuson Racing. Big horsepower ensued.

The engine belts out a tremendous 1,000 horsepower now and translates an impressive amount of it to the ground—826 hp and 753 lb-ft of torque measured at the wheels. No zero-to-anything times were given, but considering the factory traction control systems still work despite the power mods… it should be pretty swift.


Such a hardcore Corvette is also deserving of a very hardcore exterior, and this car doesn’t skimp. As standard, the Z06 body is pumped up and widened more than its Stingray cousins, and it’s accentuated by the Z07 package’s carbon fiber aerodynamic elements, which find a home across the car.

During the build process, the car was wrapped in Matte White vinyl (beneath lies a black base coat), and it complements those looks with an exposed carbon fiber roof, blacked-out taillights, and aggressive Speedline Cup wheels. It’s not all business and no pleasure, though. Inside it’s the tasteful Corvette C7 interior we’ve grown used to, featuring navigation and a Bose 10-speaker sound system.

Like it? While it would probably be the fastest ‘Vette in most neighborhoods, it’s not cheap. The heavy-hitting sports car asks a tall $102,000.