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Sunday, May 15, 2016

This Widebody Audi RS 7 is a Magnificent Beast


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The Audi RS 7 is one of those cars that was done right from the start. Based on the equally charming, though far less intimidating, Audi A7, the RS 7 offers stupefying performance in a relatively low key package.

 For some this is the ultimate deal, a powerhouse that can hang with exotics in a drag race, but also tame enough looks to blend in with a crowd when needed.

 However, there are also those who think the RS 7 lacks the menacing presence that usually comes with cars capable of doing what the RS 7 does.
The folks at German tuner house Prior Design definitely fall into the latter category, but they managed to buck the trend with this RS 7 build.

 Wide-body kits usually come with a whole lot of garish accessories, mainly a bunch of aero bits that end up looking tacked on. Fortunately, for fans of clean design, the consensus at Prior Design was that the giant flared wheel arches were enough to give the car all the edge it needed, and boy were they right.


The fenders add a whole heluva lot of attitude to the car, and subtle additions like a stylish front spoiler lip with grille inserts, and new side sills compliment those big arches quite well. A revised rear bumper with a carbon fiber diffuser insert widens things up out back, and there’s even a optional boot lid trunk.

 But that’s one box you probably shouldn’t tick. Instead, you should save that money for a wrap and wheels, because if you’re going to go wide body, you need something like the Atlantis Blue wrap from NRW, and PD3 Forged Superlight wheels from Prior to complete the look.
Every time I look at a stock RS 7 I think how it could use a lower stance, spacers, and wider wheels and tires. Although this particular build is a little more than what I had imagined would look good, it manages to feel right.

A stock RS 7 looks a little too skinny, like it has been skipping leg day when working out. With this widebody kit, Prior Design has given the RS 7 a strong visual presence, and I doubt we’ll see anyone do it much better than they have.