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Friday, May 20, 2016

700-HP Ford Mustang CS700 is a British Special


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Sutton Ford Mustang

Clive Sutton is a UK-based dealer of high-end cars like Aston Martin, Bentley, and Ferrari. If that didn’t pique your interest, the dealer also one of the few companies that sell U.S. brands like Ford. Now it has a tuning package for the Mustang that boosts the power output to 700.
The Mustang CS700 is based on the right-hand drive GT. The package, which will set you back roughly $22,000, raises the car’s output from 416 horsepower to 645 through a quad-tailpipe exhaust system, upgraded intercooler, and Whipple supercharger.

Sutton Ford Mustang Profile

The Extended Power package, which costs another $1,700, adds a larger throttle body and carbon fiber inlet tubes to bring the horsepower up to 700. Add in $51,000 for the cost of the car and you’re looking at around $75,000 for a very souped-up Ford Mustang that will make all the other guys jealous.
If that’s too steep for your blood, there are several lesser packages for tighter budgets. The $7,200 CS500 Power Package for the GT boosts horsepower to 440 or you can have the CS350 at the same price for the EcoBoost for 330-horsepower. Clive Sutton is ready to make the most of your Mustang, no matter your budget.

Sutton Ford Mustang Rear